Floor Jack Buying Guide

You must have to make several considerations when you are going to buy a floor jack. While your

intended use is important, there are also some other aspects that you must pay attention to ensure that

you make a wise purchase and don’t fall for any of the “gotchas”

Consideration before buying a floor jack

1. Lifting capacity

Lifting capacity is the most important factor that defines how much weight the jack is capable of lifting

safely. For example, lifting range of hand operated hydraulic floor jacks are from 1-1/2 tons all the way

up to 20 tons. More details about this jack https://theeffectiveguide.com/best-floor-jack/ is here.

It is wise to choose a floor jack that has a maximum lifting capacity greater than your intended job.

Although you are never going to lift your entire vehicle with the jack, but selecting a floor jack with a

maximum capacity that closely matches your vehicle’s weight provides you a satisfactory safety margin.

Important point: The functional capacity of a floor jack is not equal to its maximum rated capacity.

2. Construction material

Steel or aluminum is used as construction material for floor jacks. If you are going to use your floor jack

primarily in and around the garage, I would suggest you buy a jack made out of steel. On the other hand,

if you have to move your floor jack from place to place, then you should buy a jack made out of

aluminum as it is lighter in weight than steel.


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3. Design profile

The best Floor jack has 2 design profiles- one is standard profile and the other is low profile. A low profile floor

jack allows one to roll under the vehicle having a low ride height, e.g- sport cars.

4. Lifting range and minimum height

Minimum height and lifting range vary from jack to jack and these are another important parameter you

should consider while buying a floor jack. If one needs to lift his/her vehicle a considerable distance off

the ground, or if the lifting points are high enough due to larger tires, then he/she should consider

purchasing a floor jack with a high lifting range.


5. Lifting speed

It takes 8 to 10 strokes of the lifting bar in case of standard jack, but if you would like your floor jack to

reach full high in 3-6 strokes, then you should consider a jack that has dual lifting pistons or a quick lift


6. Budget

Budget is another important factor for consideration for buying anything. You can get a solid, easy-to-

use, and reliable floor jack easily between $150-$250(and above of course).

7. Quality

Never compromise with quality. Having a poorly designed low quality floor jack can be risky. Imagine if it

collapses immediately after lifting up the vehicle and if there was anyone beneath the car what amount

of damage could it cause?

Sometimes, we think that price fluctuates with quality. Yes, price has a relationship with quality, but

sometimes, the price does not define the quality of the best floor jack, and it is important to go through the

customer reviews and do enough research. This is especially important for hydraulic jacks so that you

can avoid costly maintenance.